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This blog is to detail my 46 years (1973 - 2019) with a 1928 Chevrolet tourer, affectionately called "The Red Chev".

The acquisition, restoration, improvements and my experiences over the years are covered in as much detail as I can remember.

Some of the later postings include car club outings and other vintage car items that I hope will be of interest to people.

If you have the time, scroll back to where it all began in 1973 and follow the journey so far.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Luke's 1918 Chevy V8

1919 Chevrolet Engine Run

View A 1917 Chevrolet Touring Style Car

Good Luck with your New Toy - 1917 Chevrolet Baby Grand Touring Car

Couple pay $220,000 and then donate 32 Ford chassis to museum

Found this great article on

Cadillac LaSalle concepts from Bortz Collection take center stage this summer.
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February 19,  2015
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Couple bought Deuce chassis at Barrett-Jackson auction
intending to donate it all along

By Frank Scheidt, Editor, Foundation News
When Joe and Elaine Floyd of South Dakota bid on and won an incredible one-of-a-kind 1932 Ford chassis at the recent January Barrett-Jackson auction, they never intended for it to be theirs. All along, they knew it was destined to be in to the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum.
Bob Lichty of Motorcar Portfolio in Canton, Ohio, acted as the agent for the Floyds at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, and did the bidding for them. It was an exciting night of watching the bidding, and even more exciting when the winning bid went to the Floyds. Lichty took care of all the paperwork and also arranged transport of the running chassis to Auburn, where an excited Collection Coordinator, Josh Conrad, took delivery on February 12.
The 1932 Ford chassis as it crossed the Barrett-Jackson auction block.
The 1932 Ford chassis as it crossed the Barrett-Jackson auction block.

Floyd said he saw this unique piece at the famed Harrah’s in Nevada several years ago and it left a lasting impression on him. “When we saw it was going up for auction, both Elaine and I said it has to be in the Foundation’s Museum,” Floyd said.
It’s now on display at the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum for all to see, examine, learn from and admire. It’s a thing of beauty!
The 1932 Ford chassis in its new and permanent home within the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum.
The 1932 Ford chassis in its new and permanent home within the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum.
This 1932 chassis is a bit of a mystery. In the past, it was reported that it was removed from the assembly line, along with possibly 20 or so others, before the bodies were added. Then they were shipped to Ford dealers in larger metropolitan areas to be displayed in showrooms. But many 1932 Ford experts have not been able to substantiate that theory. Some say that Ford was not known for sending dealers this type of display. Display chassis used in various auto shows were of the cut-a-way type, with lots of chrome and special paint jobs.
Another theory is that Ford pulled them off the line and used them at Ford Branches to train technicians on the all-new chassis. Without the body, a chassis would be much easier to study. It’s felt by ’32 Ford aficionados that Ford must have had chassis like these available for training. Using actual examples right from the assembly line makes a lot of sense.
In any event, all agree that this chassis is quite valuable as a display piece in the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum, giving visitors a unique look at the workings of a ’32 chassis without the hassle of climbing under a car to see what makes it run!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Two Classics, One Car: A Collector Shows Off Her Lifelong Favorite

A CAR SALESMAN'S NIGHTMARE !!!*She won't buy a new car until she has worn her old one out and it isstill in new condition. After all it is only 84 years old (the car thatis) and, oh yes - the lady.....she's 101!*This lady's car is a 1930 Packard. What a pleasant and spry lady sheis! Take notice. She is in great physical and mental shape for her age.And the car is not in bad shape either! Click on the link below to view
this beautiful car and listen to this wonderful and seemingly ageless lady!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Another 1928 Chev in Victoria (Horsham)

The following was posted by Grant Fowler on Face Book

There is another Monty up in Horsham!!

I received an email before from a bloke who has been following my chevy blog from the start and part of the email went like this.

"Nat" was a daily driver until 1966 and was always garaged in a somewhat rustic shed with gaps between the boards on the North side. [hence the lovely patina of the faded paintwork.]
"Nat" joined our family in February 1968 and aside from routine maintenance [brakes, steering and shackle bushes] Nat has never been apart. Even the original wiring loom still works quite well"
Darrell is thinking of driving down to one of the car rallies soon.