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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Building up a Spare Engine (1927) for the Red Chev - On Hold Till Further Notice

With the engine needing a rebore, pistons and rings, and that not on the agenda for a while, I stripped off the 28 head, manifolds and carby to put back into storage and the engine (or part there of) was packed into the corner of the garage until the project fires up again.

I will restart the project once I sell off a few of the 27 parts not required. So if any 27 Chevs out there need the following bits and pieces, here they are waiting for a new home.

1927 Chev Head


 1927 Chev Head Water Inlet

1927 Chev Exhaust Manifold

1927 Chev carby and Inlet Manifols, in excellent running condition, ready to bolt on.

1928 Chev Carby Parts