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This blog is to detail my 46 years (1973 - 2019) with a 1928 Chevrolet tourer, affectionately called "The Red Chev".

The acquisition, restoration, improvements and my experiences over the years are covered in as much detail as I can remember.

Some of the later postings include car club outings and other vintage car items that I hope will be of interest to people.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Great Picture of a 23 or 24 Chev in action way back then

Getting Ready for the big stuff - Rust Conversion Wise that is

It was back on May 16th last year with the 28 Ute restoration just starting that I set up a molasses tank for rust removal.

The initial set up was about 450 litres, which was fine for the small to Medium stuff.

Now we are getting into front guards and other big bits its time to step up the capacity.

Today mixed in another 40 litres of molasses, yucky sticky, hand staining stuff, and increased the tank capacity to around 850 litres, just enough to cover a 28 Chev front guard.

On a 10 degree celsius day, hot water was needed to dissolve the molasses, so like last time a 60 foot hose was connected to the hot water service flush pipe, and a good flushing was had by all.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

1928 Chev Speedster

Below is from Grant Fowler's blog Monty the 1928 Chev

And could this be our next joint project?

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Matilda the 1928 Chev gets a tune up

In preparation for the Chevs 4 Tour in Shepparton Victoria in September, Terry and I gave Matilda the once over.

First up was a compression test to ensure all is well.

No 1 - 65psi

 No 2 - 60psi

No 3 - 60psi

No 4 - 60psi

The next job was to replace the W14 spark plugs with ................

Autolite 3077 long reach plugs gapped at 30 thou.

During the following test drive I was surprised that there was no miss to indicate the timing was not 100%. These plugs require perfect timing, and Matilda is the only one out of 3 Chevs that I have fitted 3077's to that did not require a timing adjustment.

The distributor points were cleaned and reset at 23 thou.

The last job on the agenda was to get the brake light working. The globe looked ok but there was no power to the socket.

Traced the wire back to the brake switch, no power going in, no power going out. Cleaned up the power in terminal, success, we had power coming into the switch.

Stripped and cleaned the power out connection, success, we now have a brake light.

All the was left now was the mandatory pictures of both cars together.

Monday, May 16, 2016

From Last Year - National Motoring Heritage Day 2015 (Check out the Red Chev)

National Motoring Heritage Day 15th May 2016

The weather was great  and the cross section of vintage and classic cars that were on display at Mornington Racecourse was very impressive.

Just a few photos of the day.

A few Norton Commando 850's and a very old indian

Morgan, my favourite sports car

Mini Moke, as per my first 2 cars when I was 18

A very nice MG V8

Coffee stop with Terry and Matilda at the Eastlink service centre on the way home

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Red Chev's Big Day out in Warragul

The following is from Grant Fowlers Blog

And tells the story of the Red Chev's 120 mile round trip on the 30th April.


Saturday afternoon and you could not of asked for a better sunny autumns day here in Oz, and just as well because old Monty and Ray Deans "The Red Chev" were on call for a few photos in leafy Bowen Street, Warragul for my daughters Deb Ball with her friends from school.


When the camera's stopped clicking Ray then chauffeured the two of them out to the event at Lardner Park. Sadly ole Monty had to pass on the chauffeur duties due to the lack of roof, messy windblown hair is not an ideal look for a gathering like this.
Once they reached their destination Ray then made the 100km trip back down the Hwy to Melbourne and from all reports The Red Chev never missed a beat and the kids were very grateful for the lift.
Great effort once again Ray and many thanks for the use of your immaculate 28.