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This blog is to detail my 46 years (1973 - 2019) with a 1928 Chevrolet tourer, affectionately called "The Red Chev".

The acquisition, restoration, improvements and my experiences over the years are covered in as much detail as I can remember.

Some of the later postings include car club outings and other vintage car items that I hope will be of interest to people.

If you have the time, scroll back to where it all began in 1973 and follow the journey so far.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 4 - 28 Chev Ute Restoration (30th April 2015)

First glance does not look like much to show for 2 hours work, but removed all bolts, nuts, running board brackets, brake linkages, battery tray etc from the sides of both chassis rails.

Just another few baby steps.

Hope to remove the engine and transmission on the weekend.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day 3 - 28 Chev Ute Restoration (29th April 2015)

In about 2 hours tonight had the front guards, running boards and valances off the chassis to expose the bare bones and see what I have to work with.

Overall very happy.

The worst rust is in the same area (under the drivers front seat) that Grant and I found with Monty the 28 Chev, and going back to 73, the two chassis I had to clean up before I found a good one for the Red Chev.

See today's pictures below.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 2 - 28 Chev Ute Restoration (28th April 2015)

Radiator off, headlight bar and bumper off, and about a dozen frozen nuts and bolts gently persuaded to leave the car with a cold chisel and mash hammer.

Chassis very rusty as I suspected, but does not appear to be structural.

Both front chassis rails have had a decent hit some time back, both are bent, and a bit of TLC will be required.

Todays pictures are as follows


Sunday, April 26, 2015

1928 Chev Ute needing some TLC joins the Red Chev's garage

After a lightning trip towing a car trailer to Sydney on Friday night, a round trip of 1,800 kilometers,I arrived home at 7.55 this morning (Sunday) with the remains of a 1928 Chev ute.

Actually its a tourer that has been cut down into a ute.

The Collaroy Plateau area of Sydney, its not the place where you really want to be in heavy weekend traffic towing a 4.5 meter car trailer.

In the process got hammered by heavy rain on the way up, and if being caught up in Sydney traffic was not bad enough, a hail and rain storm opened up. The rain was so heavy I had to pull over, could not see.

The bonus of the purchase was a large quantity of spares.

The plan is to restore (to what level not sure) the car as a ute. I know what to do this time and have the majority of parts.

The first set of pictures are from the add on EBay.

After catching up with a bit of sleep, surfaced about 1pm, and with the help of a couple of neighbors, Noel and Adam, the ute was unloaded into the garage.