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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

1928 Chev Pickup

Found this on Ebay....................................................................

1928 Chevrolet pickup.  Selling this for a friend, so truck is approximately one hour away from me. This is a great running truck because of the following things rebuilt: Engine, clutch, fan belt, plugs and wires, wiring harness, radiator and new tires and wheels (receipts come with the truck). Although it has a battery for starting, the  crank comes with it as well as the instruction manual for Chevrolet Motor Cars dated May 1,1928 as well as a repair manual for 1925-1926.  CLEAN and CLEAR Colorado title. Please notice the frame and front end--typical Colorado car-- rust free. Mechanically it is a dream and although the interior and paint could be better ( done years ago) , it looks like a 1928 Chevrolet should look.  Just a beautiful example of a 87 year old machine. I said that it must have been a hay hauler on the farm and was immediately corrected that it was a grain hauler. The glass is good, the lights work, the horn works, the brakes are good. Starts easily and runs great. Most likely little if any work will ever have to be done mechanically which saves thousands of dollars. Newer wheels in great shape(check prices) and new tires, so these most likely will not have to be replaced, so another three to four thousands of dollars saved.  Look at that beautiful HOOD  ORNAMENT which also acts as the temperature gauge which the driver can see if the truck overheats from the inside (I do not know if that feature works). My friend thought he had it sold to a good guy Ebuyer from another State  and offered it to him for $6900 and he offered $6500. That was not accepted, so he is offering at the starting price of $6900. Last time to be offered on Ebay. Transporting is the responsibility of buyer. Of course no warranty comes with the truck. No Paypal. Cash on  pickup preferred but other forms accepted. Of course truck will not leave until monies are cleared.

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