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Friday, September 30, 2016

Chev 4 Tour - Shepparton, Victoria 26th to 29th September 2016

The Chev 4 Tour for 2016 was held at Shepparton, and a great time was had by all. The last Chev 4 Tour I did was in 2009 to Castlemaine, so it was great to catch up with a few people.

As expected, the cars were an excellent representation of Chev 4 cylinder cars from 1914 through to 1928, with a surprising number of roadsters.

Many thanks to Larna and Dave Perry for organizing another great event.

With pictures and words let me give you a run down on how you keep a motel full of Vintage Chev owners busy for four days.

Sunday - 205 k's or 128 miles

The Trip up from Melbourne.

I had arranged to travel in a convoy of 2 with Terry and his Matilda the 1928 Chev Tourer.
After a quick 38k run to Terry's we set off for the 167k's to our base for the week, the Paradise Lakes Motel, Kialla.

Monday 26th September

Seeing a few Shepparton sites

Our first stop was the Chocolate Apple factory, and while the crowd sampled and purchased some of the merchandise I snuck outside to get the compulsory individual photos of each car

Next stop was the Shepparton Motor Museum  & The Furphy Museum.
Both share the same building and are a must do for those with an interest in car and motor bikes

With this nice looking Chev ute for sale at $12,000 a few reached into their pockets to see how deep they were. Even with a slight mis-mash of 25 and 26 parts there was a lot of interest.

Who would have thought the humble Vauxhall Cresta won the Armstrong 500, the forerunner to the Bathurst 1000 in 1960.

There is a lot of history of the Furphy story

I know there are bigger lathes around, but this is the biggest I have seen in the flesh.

Read the story of the Hammer in the next photo

Tuesday 27th September 105 k's or 65 miles

We visited the towns of Merrigum, Kyabram, then to the Shepparton Car Club for afternoon tea, and last of all Maskell's Custom Cars at Shepparton East.
Merrigum Historical Society Museum

This good folk put on a very delicious morning tea, love that sponge cake.

Next Stop the Kyabram Fauna Park

Just having a chat to a new friend, nice shoes he said

 Now let me take a closer look

We then headed for the Shepparton Car Club, followed by Maskell's Custom Cars, very nice

Wednesday 28th September - 82 k's or 51 miles

The sun was out, the sky was blue, so it was a good opportunity to get a few group photos, and apologises for not getting everyone in the same photo, hence the two shots.

It was then off to the towns of Echuca and Moama. Must do was a ride on a paddle steamer

Next stop was the Holden museum

Thursday 29th September - 104 k's or 62 miles

Despite the rain most fronted up for a pancake breakfast, cooked by our master chef Dave.

 Dave's pancakes recommended by the motel ducks!!

Murchison was the next stop, visiting the heritage centre

The biggest valve I have ever seen, about 13 inches in length.

16 k's down the road was Rushworth, the second of 3 bakery stops

 Off to Tatura for lunch, then back to Shepparton where we loaded up modern cars to visit Egge Engineering Dookie. We then checked out a local restoration shed with a 27 Chev underway.

This would have to be the best view you could get out the back of the restoration shed

Thursday night was our farewell dinner at the Shepparton RSL

Friday 30th September - 205 k's or 128 miles

Friday - Homeward bound

The Red Chev and Matilda covered approximately

700 k's or 434 miles with no problems or issues.

Thanks everyone look forward to doing it all again.