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Friday, May 31, 2013

Vintage and Classic cars from "The Golden Era Auromobile Association"

These great photos came from a site called which was sent to me by Chris O from NSW.


 Some of The Original Cars That Attend

Photos Courtesy of Tom Nollan

Late Morning As The Cars Begin To Arrive

There Was Plenty Of Parking For The Veteran Vehicles

The Beautiful Cars On Display Drew In The Onlookers

Rows Of Original Or Restored Vehicles Lined The Sidewalk

All Makes And Models From 1913 to 1945 And Beyond

These Lovely Old Vehicles Just Continue To Run And Run

What A Great Day For The GEAA Reunion Picnic

1913 Ford Speedster (Larry Trent).

1914 Hudson Touring (Bob & Joan Gruber)

1920 Dodge Brothers Touring (Mike Conrad)

1920s Era Rajo Ford Speedster (Mike Conrad)

1923 Chalmers Touring (Allan & Doris Maris)

1923 Ford Roadster (Renea Aldrich)

1923 Ford Speedster (Bill Maxwell)

1923 International Red Baby Truck (Don Conrad)

1923 Willys-Knight Roadster (Andy Rossman)

1925 Buick Master Sedan (Ollie & Donna Burton)

1925 Chrysler Touring (Jim & Melinda Lesniak)

1925 Ford Touring (Dennis & Marcia Kent)

1925 Red Bug Electric (Roger Hartley)

1926 Ford Tudor Sedan (Nick Nicoleta)

1927 Essex Super Six Sedan DeLuxe (Rick & Ellen Jorgensen)

1927 Ford Depot Hack (Harold Schwendeman)

1927 Ford Touring (John Aldrich)

1927 Gardner (Gale & Dorothy Munsey)

1928 Chevrolet Touring (David Rosenquist)

1928 Ford Roadster (John & Megan Deshaye)

1929 Chevrolet Coupe (Dan Hanson & Mari England)

1929 Ford Pickup (Stan Everson)

1929 Graham-Paige Phaeton (Jim & Roberta Heath)

1929 Hupmobile Opera Coupe (Henry Moebius)

1929 Windsor White Prince Roadster (Ron & Linda Moon)

1930 Buick "60" Sedan (Rod & Susan Rombauer)

1930 Chrysler Sedan (Emmott & JoAnn Fisher)

1930 Ford Coupe (Everett & Inez Barquest)

1930 Hupmobile Sedan (Sid & Karen Shoemaker)

1931 Buick "50" Roadster (Jan Pelroy)

1931 Dodge Sedan (John Butts)

1931 Hupmobile "H8" Town Sedan (Jim & Mac Sybert)

1931 Willys "8-80D" (Steve & Joy Heidal)

1931 Willys "97" Coupe (Larry Fugle)

1933 Plymouth "PD" Coupe (Harlan & Sue Shoop)

1933 Chevrolet "Eagle" Coupe (Roger Orness)

1934 Chevrolet Sedan (Val Jones)

1934 Chrysler "CB" Sedan (Mike Gladys)

1934 Plymouth "PFXX" Coupe (Dave & Diane Crawford)

1935 Ford Tudor Sedan (Bill Henline)

1935 Ford Deluxe Sedan (Joe & Keri Boyle)

1935 Ford Phaeton (Wayne Herstad)

1935 Ford Roadster (?)

1935 Hupmobile (Bob & Sandy Calvert)

1935 Pierce Arrow Roadster (Lou & Bunny Berquest)

1936 Auburn 654 (Mike Pignatori)

1936 Nash "400" Sedan (Warren & Judy Hartle)

1936 LaFayette Sedan (Dave & Betty Nordmark)

1937 Cadillac Fleetwood Sport Coupe (Jon Schoenfeld)

1937 DeSoto Sedan (Milo & Pam Glaser)

1938 Buick Coupe (Al & Marion Bosshart)

1938 Buick Sedan (Vaughn Miles)

1938 Chevrolet Business Coupe (George & Ana Haley)

1938 Plymouth Sedan (Fletcher Anderson)

1939 Chevrolet Master DeLuxe Sport Coupe (Ron & Myra Henry)

1939 Ford COE Truck (Steve Albert)

1940s Jeep (?)

1941 Buick Century Convertible (Russell Leeds)

1941 Studebaker Commander Sedan (Milo & Pam Glaser)

1942 Nash Ambassador Sedan (Terry & Lou Davies)

1947 Buick Convertible (Jim Kern)

1948 Plymouth Sedan (Bob & Billie Hyland)

1950 Chrysler Sedan (Bill Allard)

1950 Mercury Sedan (Fred & Sue Bollinger)

1951 Pontiac Convertible (Randy,Susan Bailey)

1952 DeSoto Sedan (Susan Conrad)

1955 Chevrolet Business Coupe (Morris Tonda & Lonna Cain)

1956 Chevrolet BelAire Hardtop (Don Shortridge)

1958 Chevrolet Hardtop (Roger Schmidt)

1961 Corvette (?)

Our Registration Crew, Milo Glaser, Al Bosshart & Morris Tonda

Our Sales Ladies - Melinda Lesniak & Linda Moon

The Sound Crew - Hillbilly Roy, Dakotah Jorgensen & Ellie Mae