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Friday, May 17, 2013

61 Corvette, ready to be restored.

The 61 Corvette is my favorite GM car along with the 32 Chevrolet Confederate.

I found this great article on Barnfinds, along with the Ebay posting listed below . Would it be a good restoration project, I think so. The only problem may be the price of the missing small bits, but hey, its a 61 Corvette and wouldn't it look great in the mandatory red body with white infills, just like this A1 example........................................................

Of course the hard top would have to go in favor of a soft top.

The statement “Mostly Complete” is never encouraging, but does that mean one should stay away from a mostly complete project? Take this 1961 Corvette, which the seller is advertising as being mostly complete. While it is missing lots of parts, it appears to be solid and straight.


The 283 cui V8 under the hood isn’t the original and isn’t complete. It appears the seller has some of the parts for it in boxes. It comes with a 4-speed manual, but they don’t state what condition it’s in. Perhaps mostly complete isn’t the best way to describe this engine bay.


The interior is more complete then the engine bay, but is still missing pieces. What’s here looks to be in solid shape though and should be salvageable. The biggest concern here is the missing convertible top assembly, which could be expensive to replace.


This is a rather desirable year of Corvette, but its current condition and “mostly complete” status makes it a hard sell to anyone but the most dedicated of Corvette fans. If this is a mostly complete car to this seller, I can’t help but wonder what an incomplete car looks like to them. That being said, it doesn’t mean this couldn’t be a good buy for the right price.

And from Ebay

1961 Chevrolet Corvette Project ..Nice Body and Solid Frame!!!

This 1961 has a amazing body and a very solid frame. It's original colors are,
exterior (Silver) Interior (Black). Engine is now a 283Ci Casting #3794228 with a 4 speed transmission.
It is setup for two tops but only has the hard top. The pictures show a fine example of a real unmolested car. The underside is still bare white fiberglass showing the originality and there's nothing to hide. A 1961 Corvette has exterior detail that is one year only making it very desirable.


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