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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1940/41 Pea Harvest in LaCrosse, Washington State.

I came across this article in


Old pickup trucks from Chevrolet, International, & Ford.

These three photographs date to 1940/1941 and show the Pea Harvest taking place at LaCrosse in Washington State. The first photo shows a couple of farmers sat on the running boards of their newish Chevy Pickup truck, a 1939 1/2 ton model by the look of it.

 1939 Chevy Pickup

1939 Chevrolet pickup.

I think this is a '39 going off the style of the grille. This one looks well loaded, as do all the trucks shown in these photographs. The next picture shows a line-up of old trucks in a field, again fully loaded up to an amazing height! Nearest the camera is another Chevy truck of similar age, but judging by the wheel a heavier-rated truck than the one shown above. Further along is a slightly later style Chevy pickup (perhaps a '41, although the main photograph showing all the trucks, is dated 1940 on the back, which I don't quite understand?), and next to that an International.

 More old American trucks!

Full line-up of 6 American trucks

6 loaded pickup trucks

As mentioned this photo is dated on the back as 1940, yet the second truck looks like a 1941 - 1946 "art deco" style Chevrolet pickup, with the distinctive waterfall grille. Below are two close-ups of this image, showing each vehicle more clearly. The vehicle on the far right looks like a Ford to me, and those on the left a Chevy, Chevy, and an Inter. The other two I'm not sure about.  

2. Another pre-war Chevy truck.

Next, from a different batch of photos altogether, another pre-war (1937 - 1939 or thereabouts) Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup truck. Finished in a two-tone colour scheme, it looks in great condition and could well have been new at the time of this photo. 

Pre-war Chevrolet pickup truck


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