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This blog is to detail my 46 years (1973 - 2019) with a 1928 Chevrolet tourer, affectionately called "The Red Chev".

The acquisition, restoration, improvements and my experiences over the years are covered in as much detail as I can remember.

Some of the later postings include car club outings and other vintage car items that I hope will be of interest to people.

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Geronimo driving a car?

The photograph of Geronimo driving a car was actually taken on June 11, 1905, at the Miller brothers' 101 Ranch, located southwest of Ponca City, Okla. The car is a Locomobile, and the Indian in full headdress to Geronimo's left is Edward Le Clair Sr., a Ponca Indian. Geronimo so admired Le Clair's beaded vest that it was presented to him later in the day. When Geronimo died in 1909, he was buied in the vest. The photograph was taken during a special 101 Ranch show for the U.S. press. Thousands of newspaper editors and reporters flocked to it.

Day 12 - 28 Chev Ute Restoration (31st May 2015)

Another day of good progress.

Firstly I stripped and cleaned up the end plates of  the 3 sets of brake cross bars, I for the ute, 1 for the Red Chev and one for the spares cupboard.

They are ready for the molasses bath.

Next in line for the molasses bath (once set up) will be

5 x front brake drums
2 x rear brake drums
2 x front brake backing plates
2 x rear hubs

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 11 - 28 Chev Ute Restoration (27th May 2015)

More of the dirty stuff today, but progress, though slow is being made.

Stripped 3 brake cross shaft mechanisms, and will use the best parts to rebuild one for the ute.

They all looked pretty sad prior to stripping, bushes are shot and shafts are scored and worn in the contact areas.

During manufacture, the hangers are fitted to a machined section of the shaft, then the end of the shaft is peened over to secure the hanger.

To strip the unit, one end is linished, hangers are knocked off, then everything is taken off from this end.
Three mechanisms stripped to inspect

These pictures show the wear areas in the middle of the shaft where a brace supports the shaft and is attached to the end of the gear box.

The repair process, once all parts are cleaned and de-rusted will go like the picture below taken from another 28 Chev restoration.

The end  plates and center brace will be separated, the spherical soft pot metal bushes will be replaced with new brass or nylon bushes

The old pot metal bushes are very soft and usually shatter on removal

New bushes in both brass and nylon. 

Bushes fitted, side plates re-assembled

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Set The Time Machine to 1942 (for some serious car parts shopping)

Hundreds of junked cars were denied to the war effort by the Lennox Motor Company in Maryland. The owner refused to sell at the established junk prices. (May 1942)

The sad thing is most of these cars aren't even 10 years old in this photo. Unlike cars today that are junked there was plenty of potential to give them new life, but alas, in those days people always wanted the newest thing. Though I imagine if they saw what cars would look like in the late 1980's they'd be scrambling to put these cars back on the road

Day 10 - 28 Chev Ute Restoration (26th May 2015)

The dirty work continues............. sorting, putting the good stuff to one side, throwing out the rubbish.

The first good news is the spare windscreen surround with uprights. Forty years back I would have sold my first born for one in this good a condition, and since then any I have come across have either been junk or gone for big dollars.

The one on the Red Chev was someone else's cast off in 73 and is held together with bronze, filler, a lot of paint, and has rust bubbles reappearing every 4 to 5 years.

I know where this jewel will be going........

Even has the original hand operated windscreen wiper. Technology 1928 style.

Previous owner or owners butchered 2 speedo panels. I have a few spares so these will go for recycling.

One speedo panel is good and with a few gauges from the others, good contribution to the spares cupboard.

Brake cross shafts, have 3 sets in total, all need TLC, will use the best combination of parts

Worn bushes back whenever, no drama, whack in a shim here and there.

This is the pile of parts (so far) to be degreased, paint stripped, wire brushed and put into the molasses bath.

A must to watch - 200 plus vehicle collection

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day 9 - 28 Chev Ute Restoration (24th May 2015)

Good progress today on sorting out some of the spares, which as previously mentioned was another reason the 28 ute was an attractive proposition.

I want to get all the spares cleaned, de-rusted and put away before I start the ute rebuild, so I know what I have, including my existing stock of spares.

Enough said, now some pictures of a productive few hours.

Two good headlight buckets, a third needing repair. reflectors have been sprayed in silver paint, so will need to strip off and see what condition they are in.

Four heads to strip

Lots and lots of rust flakes

Valves and rocker arms stripped off

How much rust flakes?.......... Over 3 inches in this jar

The end result after a few hours work.......
- 3 salvageable heads
- 3 good water outlets
- 2 good exhaust manifolds
- 1 inlet manifold for 28 Chev
- 2 inlet manifolds for 27 Chevs

Over the next week or so these parts will be degreased, pressure washed, and then given a long, long bath in the molasses tank.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day 8 - 28 Chev Ute Restoration (23rd May 2015)

Today was purely about preparation for the restoration.

First up was sending the Red Chev on holidays so I could have some more working space in my 6x6 meter square garage.

Many thanks to Chris who is baby sitting the Red Chev for a couple of months.

The next job was to knock up another work bench, to lay out all the parts on, and to see what I have to work with.

The next job will start to get interesting as the de-rusting process begins.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

1930 USA Chev Sedan - looking for a new home and some TLC

Found this on eBay,

Would make a great restoration project, or with new upholstery would make a good "roughy"
I think you know what I would do.

.............Anyway the description is

It is very unusual to find a 1930 Chevrolet that has not been modified and remains intact.  This is an ideal car to restore, to hot rod, to rat rod or to buy and donate for a tax deduction to a museum or other non-profit.  Please tell your Chevy friends about this rare car.  I have it advertised locally and am willing to do trades and cash so the auction may close early.  Memorial Day is the best time to buy a classic Chevy.  

The wood is fairly good on this sedan and it is mostly complete right down to the roller shades on the rear and rear-side windows.  The artillery wheels came from a 1935 Chevrolet.  The photos tell the tale.    I found this car in a storage unit that was literally owned by a Grandpa.  It was stored inside for most of it’s life, a true barn find special.  I put in a new gas tank, cleaned out the fuel lines, cleaned up the fuel pump, added a filter and put the correct carb on it.  It has new plugs, points, wires, cap and condenser.   Before starting it, I pulled the oil pan and cleaned it well, replacing the pan gasket with a new cork seal.  All of the glass is good besides the windshield.  Brakes work including the parking brake.  The clutch and tranny are great.  Tires and tubes are only a few years old.  

Condition unknown on the generator and water pump.   Radiator leaks.  Hence it runs and drives but does not currently charge and cool itself.  I have some spare parts that are included with the car.  It is located in zip code 84062.  Pick-up or delivery can be arranged and if you want me to haul it I am always up for a road trip.

Everything appears original and restorable.