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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Matilda the 1928 Chev- Compression Test, Tune Up, Oil & Filter Change, Cooling System, Hot Air Intake Tube.(All in all a good day's work)

Today was a planned session for Terry and I to complete a few tasks on Matilda, the 1928 Chev. The weather was poor, but luckily the motivation was high, and the coffee was hot.

 First job was a compression test to make sure all was well with the engine. Pictures below in order from 1 to 4 show compression is around 60 psi and consistent. Good result

Next we re-fitted the warm air intake tube that runs from the hot box part of the exhaust to the carby. We lost a bit of time trying to get the modern reproduction part to fit, gave up after about an hour and used the old one. This is the first time the intake tube has been installed since Terry purchased the car, and I am sure it will now run better with the correct set up.

 Moved on the fix a leak in the water inlet / thermostat housing. This was a bit of a surprise as I did not expect the bolts to be so corroded. I think we were lucky they did not snap while still in the head. Now that would have been fun.

Terry did a washer run to Supa Cheap while I cleaned up the housing, which looked 100% on the outside, not so flash on the inside.

I scraped out as much of the flakey rust as I could. The next job was to sand back the gasket face to get a reasonable seal area. Still a little bit of corrosion (but I have used worse) on the bottom edge, but with a new gasket and a ample helping of blue gasket goo, I am sure Terry will get a few more years of not having to worry about this part.

The same scraping and sanding process was done to the gasket face on the head. Small amount of rust in the head can be dealt with in the future with a rust dissolving additive.

The housing was bolted up. Job done, new bolts, washers, gasket and gasket goo. The cooling system was refilled and we added a metallic stop leak product that I hope in time will plug a very, very small weep from the radiator.  I used a similar product on the Red Chev back in 2007 when the local radiator repair man said he would not touch my old core. Pleased to say the leak stopped after a week, and has been fine since. Any minor leaks hiding in an open system make them selves known once the system is sealed at a very low pressure. Until such time as we stop Matilda's leak the overflow tank will only receive water on warm up, but with no suction due to a leak, coolant will not return to the system.

We then changed the oil, oil filter, cleaned and re-gapped the plugs to 30 thou, cleaned and re-gapped the points to 25 thou. The points gap had closed to below 20 thou, which would have affected performance.

Final job was a test drive on the Ring Road, in pouring rain.

How did Matilda perform?

The picture below tells part of the story (even though the speedo may be over registering) but more importantly Terry felt the old girl was running better, more power, and not coughing.

There is an engine noise we noticed from first thing this morning which we will need to investigate, but that's another story for another day.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

A great 1932 Chev from the USA that belongs to Francis Holtz'

Francis Holtz' 1932 Chevrolet, PA, USA.

"I started this body off restoration June 2012 with an original paint body that was stored since 1952. The 23 month of hard enjoyment was worth every minute. I rebuilt the engine, all chrome triple chromed, new mohair interior, new tires, stainless exhaust. Top quality materials used. No short cuts!!!!!
Motor rebuild included Valve guides, valves grinded , resurfaced head, magiflexed, rebabed rods, wrist pins, rings. I have 400 miles on the ...engine and just change the oil today, it looked good. Good power on hills. Engine temp runs just above the cold line, radiator is new recore. New water pump from The Filling Station that has bearings. I adjusted the steering and put a new horn / bushing in the column, horns work. The brake shoes are good and adjusted, but pulls a little to the left when first applied, then stops good. The wiring is all new original cloth and everything works. New old stock gas tank and the gauge works. It was painted one year ago."


100 Million Pound Car Collection for sale in UK

This Dentist has so many cars he keeps them in enormous warehouses is selling his 450 classic vehicles for 100 MILLION (that's pounds)

  • James Hull has built up collection of unusual and valuable cars, from Elton John's old Bentley to rare Jaguar KXSS
  • Multi-millionaire Dr Hull, 53, of Kensington, West London, keeps all his precious cars in warehouses in Herefordshire
  • Having fought off cancer three times, he now wants to quit the collection, and is determined to sell it as a whole
  • The founder of cosmetic dentistry pioneers James  Hull Associates hopes to find a buyer with 100 million in Britain
  • Collection includes a rare Jaguar D-Type worth at least 4 million, old pedal cars, and a Sinclair C5 from the 1980s
A car-obsessed dentist who has amassed Britains biggest private car collection is selling the whole lot for 100 million.
JamesHull, 53, who founded the James Hull Associates chain of dentists, owns more than 450 rare and classic cars, ranging from multi-million pound rare Jaguars to Winston Churchill's Austin, and a Bentley once owned by Elton John.
With no room to park them all near his home in Kensington, West London, he garages them in vast warehouses in Herefordshire, but has now decided to sell up because of health reasons.

Britain's largest private car collection, built up by cosmetic dentistry millionaire JamesHull, 53, is for sale as a whole for 100 million.

All yours... if you've got deep pockets: Dr Hull's 457-strong car collection is currently kept in warehouses in Herefordshire

Dr Hull's collection includes this classic Triumph TR5, left, built in Coventry in the late 1960s, and this classic racing car, right, driven in this picture by Stirling Moss

Planes (no trains) and automobiles: Dr Hull has collected Bentleys, Rolls Royces and Jaguars, as well as some aircraft from the First and Second WorldWars

None of the cars is cheap, but a buyer with particularly deep pockets is needed, because Dr Hull says he is determined to sell the 457-strong collection as a whole.

He is hoping a buyer will come in with a 100 million-plus offer, making it the highest value car sale inBritain.

With cars represented from every decade since the 1930s, the collection includes a Jaguar D-Type, worth in excess of 4 million, a similarly valuable Jaguar C-Type, and Lord Mountbatten's Mini Traveller, as well as a super-rare 1950s Jaguar KXSS.

The collection also includes a Humber which was owned by the judge presiding over the Profumo Affair and a 1961 Jaguar E-Type which belonged toBritains world motorcycle champion Mike Hailwood.

Dr Hull, who made his fortune pioneering cosmetic dentistry in the UK , has battled cancer three times in the past four years, earning him the nickname Lazarus to friends. He travelled around the world to track down some of the rarer models in his collection, shipping them back to Britain and then having them stripped down before rebuilding them.

This classic Bentley is among Dr Hull's collection - he travelled the world finding rare cars before shipping them back to Britain and having them restored

As well as full-size cars, the collection includes more than 300 miniature pedal cars, seen at the back

This bottle green Morris Minor forms part of the collection, which boasts cars from every decade since the 1930s

He said: 'It's the culmination of a life-long hobby. Each car has its own story and all have played a part in the history of British motoring. It's part of our heritage.

'I'm merely a passionate custodian of this hugely significant part of British history and, with luck, I will succeed in finding a home that can not only be enjoyed and treasured by the British public but also be admired by visitors from across the world.'

A number of Dr Hull's cars have appeared at motor shows around the world, competed in the Mille Miglia Italian road-race, and even been used for the Queens 80th birthday parade.

There are also dozens of cars which have won concours awards, and a collection of British campervans from the 1940s, 50s and 60s, as well as early Land Rovers, classic Range Rovers, and a Sinclair C5 from the 1980s.

The collection, which is being sold privately, has already had a 'huge amount of interest' from private buyers and consortia, from overseas as well as nearer to home, but Dr Hull hopes it will remain in Britain.

Graham Searle, from the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, said: 'Dr Hull is a well known Jaguar Enthusiasts Club member with an immense passion for Jaguar cars.

Mint condition: This shining red Mini Traveller was once owned by Lord Mountbatten, and is now for sale as part of a job lot going for at least 100 million

Stamp-collecting next? Once he has sold his cars, including this classic Jaguar XK, Dr Hull says he will need a new hobby, but he hasn't picked one yet

'Most of his cars are very original or restored to original specification with great attention to detail, and over the years he must have won more concours awards than any other Jaguar collector.

'He does immense service to the classic car movement in keeping these cars in top condition, and the sale of the collection will attract enormous interest from around the world.

'We of course hope that whoever buys them allows them to be seen and enjoyed by enthusiasts for years to come.'

James Hull made his money after founding James Hull Associates in 1987, becoming the market leader in cosmetic dentistry, specialising in teeth whitening, veneers and implants.

He was devastated in 2006 when vandals broke into one of his warehouses, before hotwiring the Jaguars and crashing dozens of them. Police later said they had 'treated the cars like dodgems'.

Over the past decade, prices for classic cars have shot up, outperforming every other investment and sending the value of the collection soaring.

If he finds a suitable buyer, Dr Hull will need a new hobby, but he's not yet sure what it will be.

He said: 'Im a collector, so who knows what will turn up next. My wife hopes it will be something smaller like stamps.'