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Sunday, April 26, 2015

1928 Chev Ute needing some TLC joins the Red Chev's garage

After a lightning trip towing a car trailer to Sydney on Friday night, a round trip of 1,800 kilometers,I arrived home at 7.55 this morning (Sunday) with the remains of a 1928 Chev ute.

Actually its a tourer that has been cut down into a ute.

The Collaroy Plateau area of Sydney, its not the place where you really want to be in heavy weekend traffic towing a 4.5 meter car trailer.

In the process got hammered by heavy rain on the way up, and if being caught up in Sydney traffic was not bad enough, a hail and rain storm opened up. The rain was so heavy I had to pull over, could not see.

The bonus of the purchase was a large quantity of spares.

The plan is to restore (to what level not sure) the car as a ute. I know what to do this time and have the majority of parts.

The first set of pictures are from the add on EBay.

After catching up with a bit of sleep, surfaced about 1pm, and with the help of a couple of neighbors, Noel and Adam, the ute was unloaded into the garage.


  1. Gday Ray, thanks for your posts mate, I am a keen follower of your resto's, I have just started on a couple of 28s myself and find your work very interesting. One of mine has a Koala carby the same as your ute, were they standard issue or after market jobs? cheers Longy

  2. Hi Longy,

    Thanks for the reply. The Koalas were an after market carby, the standard Chev 4 carby is a Carter. Let me know if your interested as I will probably sell the Koala in a while and put on a spare carter that I have, as I know them back wards.



  3. It begins again! Don't tell me the Red Chev is living out on the street now?