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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Building up a Spare Engine (1927) for the Red Chev - Part 2

I did a compression test last night No 1 - 30psi, No 2 - 60psi, No 3 - 55psi, No 4 - 55psi

I am hoping this is head and valve related, if not I will re ring the engine.

I will be selling off the head, however it was interesting that the valves were sunken below the surface.


There is a crack in the top of the head from one welch plug to the other, but hopefully a person who needs and wants a 27 head can have this repaired.

The top of the block is in pretty good condition, with not too much corrosion around the water holes.
You may see that I have about 5 mm of oil sitting on top of each piston.

The water pump is a bonus, in very good condition.

The water inlet from the head is surplus to fitting a 28 head, and will be sold.

As will the single port exhaust manifold

I will also be selling off the 27 Carb and inlet manifold, that are in running condition, as I will be fitting the bigger 28 inlet manifold and 28 carby.

I find the internals of a 27 dizzy a bit agricultural compared to the 365B fitted to 28's, but it works, cant be changed, so it will be kept.

The next step will be to fit a 28 head, which hopefully will raise the compression across cylinders 1,3 and 4 to match 2.

If nothing else this will be a great training exercise for me, and a bonus if I get a good spare engine as a result.

Will keep you informed.

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  1. Looking good Ray, hopefully it will become a good spare Engine Mounting for you to tuck away in the back of the mancave with all your other treasures. Cheers Grant