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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Building up a Spare Engine (1927) for the Red Chev - Part 1

Came across a 27 engine today that had not been started for 7 years. A wire here, new plugs there, a few kicks and curses later, I had it running after about 3 hours.

I bought it for building up a spare engine which could keep the Red Chev going if I had to rebuild its engine in my own good time.

The 27 engine has a cracked head, so I will replace it with a 28 head, inlet and exhaust manifolds and carby.

Unfortunately its an early 27 so it does not have the 635B dizzy as the late 27's and 28's had. Without offending people with 27's, the dizzy looks a lot more agricultural than the 28's, but its what you are used of.

This should keep me busy over winter and will give me lots to post about, so stay tuned.

Below, the first shout in anger, no muffler you see.


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