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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Improvement no 6 ( Done in the 80's) Radiator Overflow Tank

 I have just remembered another improvement previously forgotten when I was writing this blog in sequence, time line wise. Back in the 80's I fitted an overflow tank to the cooling system. Cant exactly remember what prompted me to do it at the time, hey it was over 30 years ago, but suspect it was something to do with not wanting to continually add water to the radiator.

Anyway the system involved 3 steps.

1. I installed a rubber gasket under the dog bone, to seal the radiator except at the overflow pipe.

2. A suitable overflow tank was sourced from a Mini, originally black, then discovered some years later was brass, so of course in 2011 its fully polished and sealed with a coat of clear acrylic.

3. Rubber tubing, suitable for coolant system use connects the overflow pipe from the radiator to the tank which can be located in several locations. In my case it is directly where the original oil filter would be, as I run a firewall mounted oil filter. To ensure the system is low pressure I removed the sealing gasket from the cap on the recovery tank. Have never checked the pressure, but estimate approx 1 to 2 lbs.

After many years the system still works great. I check the water level every week and only need to add water every 4 to 6 months.

Another benefit is being able to use modern anti corrosive coolant.

In 2009, and under another posting, I replaced the water pump with one with modern inners . This compliments the system, and eliminates the drips that Chev 4 water pumps have on a regular basis.

Below are a few photos of the set up.

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  1. Hey Ray, thats exactly what I did to my Morgan4/4.
    used the brass mini tank to and also clear coated it
    to. I will try this mod on my 34 chevvy.