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Sunday, February 19, 2012

DVHCC Run to Williamstown 19th February 2012

The DVHCC put on great a run today, to view a collection of beautiful classic cars at Williamstown. Thanks to all who organised the outing, and lunch, and a special thanks to our host Noel for opening up his complex.

Part 1 - Club Members Cars at the meeting point
Club members met beforehand at the Service Centre at the foot of the Westgate Bridge which was not without drama as several club members came across as a man towing a caravan on the wrong side of the road on the Westgate Freeway, and as in our case in the tunnel. We then drove in convoy to Noel's place.

Below are  photos of club members cars, and apologies if I have missed anyone.

Part 2 - Noel's complex
What an amazing collection of classic cars, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Lasalle, Studebaker and many more, with many of them in pristine running condition.











Part 3 - Charles Restoration Shop
I found this part of the tour absolutely amazing. The attention to detail, standard of workmanship is incredible. Jobs that the home restorer could only dream about are done as a matter of course. You may say yes, its all for a cost, but I got the distinct impression talking to Mark that there is only one way to do these jobs, and that's 100%. Pictures speak louder than words, so please see some photos from inside Charles Restoration.



Now what is under the drop sheet

A beautifully restored Desoto




Even the humble HQ Holden gets a refurbishment




A fine job being done on a VC Brock Commodore. The man himself would be proud of the finish.

Restoration of a GT Falcon

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