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Friday, August 24, 2012

Can Anyone Identify these Wrecks? (Solved)

The wrecks below are a 1922 Dodge, as per this photo:

The photos below were taken by me through the bars of a fence at a factory compound in Dandenong, a South Eastern suburb of Melbourne on Thursday 23rd August.

I have no idea what they are, they appear to be the same make, and one is chopped into a ute. The only possible identification from outside the fence was a radiator surround, but it was covered by a cloth.

I am suspecting they are late veteran, early vintage, based on the round petrol tanks, the strange rear spring set up, and that very rounded look from the late teens, early twenties.

Your guesses, opinions or hunches are most welcome.

No bonnet louvers, strange?


  1. I'd go for a Dodge 4,no later than 1922,but it appears to have had a later model gearbox fitted,as the 1922's and earlier had a straight gear stick with only a small rearward bend.The bowed front axle and 3/4 elliptic springs are a pretty good give away too.

  2. My first thought was dodge pre 1920