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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

You Cant use Modern Coolant in a Vintage system, or can you???

This following is a look back on 2007 when  I did a story about the preperation of the Red Chev for my daughters wedding, and completes my review of the cooling system improvements in the last 3 postings.

And the story goes.......................................................................

"I continue to run a low pressure sealed system (3psi) with an overflow tank. This allows me to use a modern coolant, being Nulon, see pictures below"

"I originally checked the water level weekly, which soon went to monthly, and now only have to top up the system about every 4 - 6  months. I run the coolant at 70% coolant to 30% water, and have used Nulon since 2007. The system is flushed every 12 months and radiator hoses are replaced at the same interval"

Update 21st November 2012

Five years down the track, Nulon is still performing well, no issues, and I have no plans to change.

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