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Saturday, August 31, 2013

4 Generations working on the same Chevrolet, restoring a 1958 Impala

From time to time you come across a story that has real appeal , and this is one of them. A son helping his aging father to complete a 1958 Chev Impala that he purchased in 1977.

For the full and well documented story of this "father & son" project please open the link below to an amazing read

And to add a bit more family history to the story, the service manual used to work on the Impala has so far been passed down through 3 generations.

My grandfather at Rowton Chevrolet. (2nd from the right) The Service manual he used to work on 58 chevrolets was the same one he passed down to my Dad in 1977, and it's the same on I use to restore our impala. It's also the same book I'll pass down to my son someday. The book is signed at the top by my Grandfather and my dad, I haven't signed it yet because it's not time.


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