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Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 2014 - A Bit of TLC for The Red Chev Cooling System

I thought it was about time to flush out the cooling system and replace the coolant, however nothing is as simple as it seems.

I replaced the lower radiator hose, which I like to do every 2 years or so as they can go a bit soft, not so much from the inside, but as they live in an oily environment.

Replaced the coolant, took it for a test drive, all seemed ok, and put the Red Chev to bed.

For many years I have been using a Karina TF9 (32mm x 380mm) which fits perfectly. These are a NOS item and when I started seeing weeping drops of coolant on the outside the following morning, I naturally assumed the hose had perished from age.

 One of the benefits of using green coolant was the small beads of water were easy to detect, plain water may have been a different story.

Closer inspection revealed that it had a series of small pin prick holes, very strange, but a relief as it meant the remaining few I have in the spares cupboard are ok. The biggest drama was recovering the $40 worth of fresh coolant that had only gone in the day before.
All went well, another hose was fitted, the coolant replaced, a test drive to check for leaks, all ok.
The coolant I use is only suitable for the Red Chev because I have a low pressurized system with an overflow tank, otherwise it would be corrosive in an unpressurized system.

I have used this Nulon Long Life Coolant for well over 15 years and find it very suitable.
With the Karina TF9 Radiator Hose being NOS, and supplies now run out, I have sourced a modern replacement, being Gates 25252 (1 1/4" x 381mm)
The comparison between both hoses is below, old on the left, new on the right.

The end result is always pleasing to the eye.

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