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Sunday, May 25, 2014

This man owned & drove the same car for 82 YEARS

Mr. Allen Swift:  Born:  1908 — Died 2010

This man owned & drove the same car for 82 YEARS.

Can you imagine even having the same car for 82 years?

Mr. Allen Swift ( Springfield , Massachusetts) received this 1928 Rolls-Royce Piccadilly-P1 Roadster from his father,

brand new - as a graduation gift in 1928.

He drove it up until his death last year ... at the age of 102!!!

He was the oldest living owner of a car that was purchased new.

Just thought you'd like to see it.

It was donated to a
Springfield museum after his death.

It has 1,070,000 miles on it, still runs like a Swiss watch, dead silent at any speed and is in perfect cosmetic condition. 

82 years that's approximately 13,048 miles per year (1087 per month)...
1,070,000 that's miles not kilometres


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