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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tweaking the brakes on Monty the 1928 Chev

Caught up with Monty and Grant today. A flying visit to fix an annoying front brake that grabs when Monty is being pushed into bed, sorry I meant shed.

We had worked on the same problem previously, so this time we addressed it with a bit more assertiveness and vigor.

The front brake shoe on the passenger side was slightly out of square with the brake drum due to either a bit of wear in the lower brake shoe pivot point, or at some stage the brake backing plate has received a bit of a whack during the last 86 years. With a tap here and a smack there, and attacking Monty with a "Podger" bar, we treated both possibilities, problem fixed!!!

What was that you said, "Never heard of a Podger Bar, neither had I until I met Monty an Grant..

We also removed the brake adjuster, stripped and lubed, jut to ensure that was not part of the problem.

There you go Monty................

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