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Monday, August 4, 2014

Club Garage Run 3rd August 2014

After a week of pretty average weather, we were smiled upon with a dry day for the DVHCC  Garage run.

See the "Garage Run Rumor Quiz" at the end of this posting

We met at Bunnings in Narre Warren where this first group of pictures were taken

The first stop was Frank and Macy's for morning tea, a great spread of food, a warm fire inside and out and the biggest wall of tools I have ever seen. Frank says they are all for use and not decoration, and he has a ladder to climb up for the high ones.

The convoy then headed off to Heather and Margaret's for lunch inside a man cave that has grown in stages over the years to accommodate Peter's toys. What better surroundings to enjoy a hot cup of soup and bread rolls could you ask for than a few vintage Chevs and a very nice Caddy. Tucked away in another corner were a few Austin Healeys.

The last stop was at Peter and Mazz's where we checked out his 24 Chev which is very close to being finished, and his "new" Caddy. And Mazz, those scones were beautiful.

All in all a great day, with a good turn out for what started as a very cold morning. Thanks to the organizers and those who opened there properties for us to invade.
Quiz or Rumor..... I will let you decide
Question 1.
Who (and that rhymes with Sue) was it that thought Frank and Macy's table would look better with a cup of coffee splashed all over it.
Question 2.
While still at Frank and Macy's, who was it that thought Sandra must be cold and a coffee over the left leg would warm her up. 
Question 3
I have it on good authority that if Ray Griffin had not flagged him down, the driver of a 38 LaSalle would have sailed pass Peter and Margaret's front gate. The excuse given was coming up a hill, with a bonnet a city block long????
Question 4 (saved the best for last)
Let me set the scene. It's the end of the day at Peter and Mazz's and everyone is in wind down mode. Four ladies called Margaret sitting around the table, with one Margaret enjoying the wind down more than the rest. Which Margaret provided a great source of entertainment for a couple of hours?

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