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Friday, October 3, 2014

Upcoming Posting on Stewart Warner Vacum Tanks (1927 - 28)

I am currently preparing a technical posting on the 1927 and 1928 Chev Vacum Tanks.  Both are Stewart Warner, the 27 has an 8 bolt Die Cast top and the 28 has a 4 bolt pressed steel top.

If you have any technical or service documents that you would like to share with others,  please email them to me  and I will include in the posting.

The more detail we include the better, and it may help someone else down the track  to keep their old Chevy on the road.


  1. Hi Ray,
    The tank on the blue Chev, Stan, is working wonderfully we'll.
    I drained it yesterday, and thought maybe I should add some petrol to it for a start up, but after 6 or 7 winds of the starter motor, off she went.
    Quite a remarkable and simple piece of machinery that seems to work very we'll.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    They are a simple and effective way of getting fuel to the carby, and its a shame that so many people give up trying to get them setup right and revert to a fuel pump. I have only had one issue in 42 years with the Red Chevs Vacuum Tank, and that was caused by me. I tried a electric fuel pump a few years back, broke down on the side of the road, luckily the Vac tank was still fitted, reconnected and has been there ever since.