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Saturday, February 27, 2016

1926 Chev Owner In Switzerland needing Help

I received the following email this morning.........

Dear Mr Dean

I am an owner of a Chevrolet tourer from 1926.

Some part of the engine went lost a decade ago. Im now trying to figure out how to bring back to old glory this car.

I live in Switzerland, and I didn’t find any support in Europe regarding my problem.

Do you have a piece of suggestion about where a may find the missing parts or even a whole overhauled engine?

Best regards

Fabrizio Verga=

Later in the Morning Fabrizio sent me the following pictures of his nice looking 1926 Chev

These are the parts Fabrizio is looking for, and if anyone has any contacts in Switzerland or Europe please let me know as I would love to help him to get this baby back on the road.

-8 push rods
-8valve lifters
-connection rod bearings and bearing caps (theoretically 1 but I can change all the bearing if it is not too expensive)
-crank shaft bearing and bearing cups, all 3 i guess
-crankshaft gear
-4connecting rods
-fan belt
-4spark pugs
-complete gasket kit engine + carburetor
-starter motor
-tons of nuts and bolts


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