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Monday, November 21, 2016

1934 Chrysler - Would make a great ride

Found this on a great site called Barn Finds

Pre-war automobiles in solid original condition are always a treat. This 1934 Chrysler CA Sedan is very solid and original with a lot of potential. Last driven a few years ago before storage, we hold hope that the engine is still a runner. With a little over a day until the auctions end, this Chrysler has reached $3,550. Find it here on ebay out of Kokomo, Indiana.

With potential to be a runner again, this solid Chrysler sedan would make a great preservation effort for someone who isn’t quite ready to take on a restoration. A little patience and elbow grease would make this Chrysler shine and look great in its original condition. What would you do with this 1934 Chrysler CA sedan?

Little is known about the inline 6 flat head engine, other than it ran many years ago when stored.  The engine looks original and not in too bad of shape from the exterior. There is a glass fuel bowl that feeds the carb that has some dark but still fluid like gasoline in it. There is also either a newer gas tank, or a blasted gas tank in the back of this sedan. We hope, and somewhat guess, that this Chrysler could be a runner again

Inside of this pre-war Chrysler is a very reasonable interior. Much of the factory upholstery is present, and the floors are solid. The dash looks nice as well, though some of the gauges have jumped from their housings. One very cool feature about this Chrysler is the “Tropic Aire” heater under the dash. The interior could use a some sorting to be maintained as is. The exterior of this Chrysler is very solid, the fenders and running boards are excellent. There is no visible rust on the exterior aside from a small area on the rear passenger side fender, and on the front apron, and the lower parts of the front fenders. It would appear that most of the factory paint has survived. The grill and bumpers have a fair amount of rust on them, but would likely clean up better than they appear presently. The headlights have been removed and reside in the trunk. The headlight housings look to be in good shape, but it appears they may be missing some vital components. The only other missing items of notoriety are, a missing radiator cap, wiper blades, and a hub cap. Aside from those few items this Chrysler appears to be complete.

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