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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Update - Aussie 1928 Chev Special

Ray has provided 2 updates on his 1928 Chev Special, please see below

20th September 2017

Well two days till race day and Murphy struck with a vengeance! In the last 3 days I've had to replace the rear main bearing with engine in car as I can't use my hoist! All day job . Then after getting the gear box out found my needle roller universal joint conversion was slipping. Back to the original sloppy version, then on reassembly couldn't crank it over , my mind went nuts, it would only start or crank over with Clutch depressed, much like its owner at this point, turned out the bush where the top gear box shaft fits in to the spline shaft had decided to cease mear minutes before,! so gear box back out again, throw the bell housing and union to a old gear box and reassemble for the 3rd time in as many days, fired her up an hour ago and picked up the kids from school , so far so good. Not got the twin SU carbies right just yet but that was another day operation getting the needles and main jets somewhere close even to get it to start.

23rd September 2017

Well success and failure! Practice run this morning my NEW Carby links snapped. On first lap. Jerry rigged it back together with fuel line and hose clamps. Got up to 30 deg Celsius closer to 45 on the track. 3 hours later our first race pre 1939 cars, including a Frontenac T ford a couple of MG's, Amilcar, Armstrong Siddley and a Bugatti. So no pressure. Got of well then on Lap 3 of 5 started loosing power I pushed on but at lap 4 I gave up load thumping from motor. Turns out front pulls cam off lost water pump over heated and threw a bearing. I had a put a retainer bolt on the pulley . So will pull it down and see what needs to be made stronger and work on the next race.

Original Posting 5th September 2017  - Aussie 1928 Chev Special

Ray Elbourne from Sydney, New South Wales is building a 28 Chev special.

The timber work completed 15 years ago is now covered (apart from the bonnet) in an custom aluminium body.

Ray has a deadline to finish the car for a race day on the 23rd September, at Wakefield Park 2 hours south of Sydney

Dual SU carbies will see this old 28 "Run Like The Wind" 

Good luck with the build Ray, not long to go, and let us know how you get on.

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