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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Barn Find from Maine USA

I came across this article on a great site

If you’re a fan of pre-war cars, then we have found something you are going to want to see. This field in Maine is full of them, including a number of cars from the early 1900′s. The seller claims that the cars were all recently pulled from a large barn, but given their condition, we think they may have been out in the elements for a while.

Chevy touring car not sure of exact year. Just dragged out of a barn where it sat since the 1940s . Needs complete restoration or make a good parts car. Lower part of body has rust. Car rolls fine car. Looks pretty much complete.

1925 Chrysler roadster. Not sure on year as just dragged out of barn where it sat for many years. Project or parts car looks complete except top bows. Somebody did replace some wood around trunk lid a while ago. Rolls and steers fine. Rusty on lower body.

Two 1963 Triumph TR3s and misc. parts. Both have rusty floors. Missing parts. There are 2 engines with no heads on either one. Both engines are stuck. Three transmissions are included.  Both car trunks are full of parts.



1929 Chevy fire truck  last registered in 1964. Body is in fair condition and has been sitting in barn since 1964. Motor is stuck.  Missing some parts on engine such as plug wires, coil, fuel pump. Rear body looks like it was redone some years ago with new wood .  Car still rolls and steers and is about 21 feet long and weighs 5700 pounds.




1926 Nash. This car started out as 2 door sedan which had its roof chopped off. It has been sitting in a barn for years. Would make a good parts car or a rat rod project. Rusty down low. Motor is stuck, does not turn over. Most parts are there minus roof. Car steers and rolls easily.

1922 Buick touring car just hauled from barn where sat for  50+ years. Has rust down low but looks to be complete. Steers and rolls fine.

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1917 Overland Touring. A little rough around the edges. Pretty much complete. Would be ambitious project or nice parts car. Steers and rolls fine

1924 Studebaker 4 door sedan. Rough condition. Good parts car. Pretty much complete.


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