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Monday, September 2, 2013

Vintage Cars, and Vintage People

Not a Winnebago, but what an eye catcher for the time. The vision for the driver would have been terrible, not to mention the handling in a cross wind. For other drivers on some of those old narrow roads it would have been like trying to pass a moving freight train.

A nice restorable 29 or 30 Chev truck?

I love the straw hat and bow tie

Between the curtains and the outfit could almost be mistaken for the back room of a funeral parlour rather than a new car show room.

Check out the ceiling, pressed steel or plaster I wonder? Not to forget 3 brand new Chevs as well.

4th July 1928. This National sedan would have been pretty new, and it confirms that tube bumpers were an original option, way back in 1928.

Of all the photos I have recently posted, this one seems to highlight road conditions at the time, and how hard these little 4 cylinder engines had to work. Not quite sure of the year, 26 or 27?

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  1. It's fun to look at those vintage cars since they remind us of the rich history of our ancestors. We can also have a glance of how the car industry started and developed through the years. I'm sure some manufacturers will be inspired to market a new car with classic designs.