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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Time for a bit of TLC for the Red Chev

Put the Chev away after a run today.

Time for a service.

1. Cleaned and re-gapped the spark plugs to 30 thou
2. Did a compression check. Getting a bit tired , but still ok.
3. Cleaned and re-gapped the ignition points to 25 thou
4. Lubed the distributor
5. Changed the engine oil
6. Changed the oil filter
7. Tuned the carby
8. Checked oil level in the diff. OK
9. Checked the suspension U bolts. Needed tightening
10 Oiled the overhead valves
11. Topped up the coolant overflow tank. First time in 6 months

Good, that's done, till next time..........................................

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