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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Latest Addition to Technical Postings - Wheel Puller

Whether you have disc or wooden wheels on your Chev 4, removing the rear wheels can be a real struggle. In theory the harder to remove the better, as if they slip off too easy this could indicate a worn axle taper, hub or keyway. Front wheels are not usually as difficult as with bearings they should slide off with a bit of effort.

Rear wheels can be removed in several ways:

1. Coming off in your hand with no effort, not a good sign.

2. Using a rubber mallet or hammer, not recommended to be too heavy handed

3. Using timbers, steel plates and various bolts, and designing your own wheel puller. May work in the shed, but a bit hard on the open road.

4. A few old timers say loosen the wheel nut and drive around in tight circles with the offending wheel on the inside. (I would not try this ever)

5. When all else fails use the correct item, a wheel puller.

There are two types of wheel pullers that will work on the threaded hub of a Chev 4, either a original cast iron type with a pinch nut on the side, or a purpose built unit, machined from a solid bar, with the internal thread an exact size for size with the hub thread.

The cast iron puller is screwed onto the hub, then the pinch nut is tightened to lock it onto the hub thread.

The machined version is screwed onto the hub as far as it can go.

Below are some photos of the 2 different versions of a Chev 4 Wheel Puller.

The cast iron version.

The machined to suit a Chev 4 hub version

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