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Monday, March 24, 2014

1928 Chev parts hard to get? Not if you know where and how to look. Seek and you shall find

I am motivated to write this posting after my mate Grant Fowler scored this great Tune Up kit, containing points, condenser, distributor cap and rotor for Monty the 1928 Chev

Vintage car fanatics have never had it so good since the birth of the internet, and Ebay, as just one example.

We will never have the range of spares as our Ford cousins, but then, well, that's a Ford thing, and lets face it, Fords need all the help they can get.

If you need plugs, points, pistons, gaskets, bearings, tyres, tubes, brakes, fan belts, light globes, radiator hoses, tail shafts, axles, oil pumps, King Pins and the list goes on, just search on Google, or contact places like the Filling Station, and these parts will eventually be found.

The only things that will never fall out of the sky are Universal joints, Transmission Gears, Front Stub Axles and Wheel Hubs. If your pockets are deep enough these parts can be made, if your pockets are shallow then your condemned to a life of using the best of the worn out parts complete with a lot of noise.

Engine blocks and especially cylinder heads are getting really scarce, so grab em as they come up.

Happy hunting

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