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Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 66 - 28 Chev Ute Restoration (13th November 2015)

Sometimes a lot of work can go into something with not a lot to show for it, but very important all the same.

Stripping, cleaning and reassembling the differential carrier is one of them.

Over the last few nights I measured, checked and selected the best internals of 4 diffs. Side gears were ok, but replaced the spider gears and shafts with ones with less wear.

All parts were wire brushed, soaked in petrol for 24 hours to dislodge any stubborn grease and grim, pressure washed, then the whole process repeated.

 The carrier was reassembled, shims were fitted behind the side gears to reduce slop, 20 thou on the crown wheel side, 10 thou on the other side.

New bearings were fitted and the diff was put into the cupboard for a few days till the torque tube and tailshaft are ready.

Tomorrow we tackle the tailshaft, torque tube housing and pinion.

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