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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Something different - Working on a 1927 Chev

Combined a couple of things today, the first was grabbing a few parts for the Ute restoration from storage, and catching up with Grant Fowler and a mate of his Mick Tutty from Bairnsdale

Mick brought down to Grant's his fathers 1927 Chevy on a trailer for a working bee to see if we could get it running.

Below, Mick's 27 on the right, and good old Monty on the left

The 27 had not been running well for a few years so we checked the basics first

1. Compression - All cylinders were around the 55psi mark and ok.

2. Plugs, the existing were worn and carboned up. These were replaced with a set of  Autolite 3077's. set at 30 thou.

3. Tappet clearance was checked, all were ok.

4. The points were way out of range and were reset at 25 thou.

5. Timing - This was the hardest part, as I have never worked on a 27 Distributor before
We had a couple of attempts at getting top dead center, loosening the distributor cam and resetting it at number one. No sign on the first attempt, then on the second it burst into life, running very smoothly.
We soon had it driving around the block and back up on the trailer for Mick's 2 hour trip home.

Always a good feeling when an old banger comes off a trailer not running and drives back on the trailer under its own steam.

Have no doubt that with a few days here and there tiding up the 27, it will become a very reliable car.

Mick's 27 has 4 wheel brakes, which may have been retrofitted by a previous owner, or fitted by a Chev dealer to sell the car after 4 wheel brakes became standard in 1928.


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