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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jealous Red Chev extracts revenge?

Between recovering from a chest infection and work being pretty hectic for the last few weeks or so, the Red Chev has not received much love and attention lately. The last drive was 132 miles to Trafalgar  on the 3rd December and as I pulled into the garage that day the fuel tank was bone dry.
Since then the poor old thing has sat there collecting dust, going no where. Little did I know the Red Chev had been watching everything going on. It must have noticed me sneaking up to Trafalgar yesterday to spend the day with Monty and Grant.

 And to make things worse I carried several boxes of Chev parts past the Red Chev and out into the car, for other places.

The final straw was when I arrived back home yesterday afternoon, and made the fatal mistake of working on a water pump from another 28 Chev, right in full view of a now sulking ALO 428.
My fate was set and it was only a matter of time before the Red Chev would take control and put me back into my place.

Thinking this morning I would fill up the gas tank and do a few jobs then go for a spin, I motored the 400 metres to the Gas Station, filled er up and headed for home, or at least I thought so. Nearing the last left hand corner to go home, the steering wheel was violently pulled from my hands and the Red Chev continued down the road out of control, for approximately 25 miles.

By the time I regained control it was too late. The Red Chev had travelled 5 miles down the main road, onto the East link Tollway and thundered at up to speeds of 45 to 50mph for another 20 miles before it slid to a halt at Kelly's Cafe, located about a mile of the Chelsea beach.

It took some 90 minutes, two coffees and a plate of bacon and eggs to calm the beast down enough to even suggest we come home again. Luckily common sense prevailed, the Red Chev is back in the garage, and all is forgiven. Or is it.

I had better make sure I drive the Red Chev to Trafalgar next time.


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