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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Now Where is That Time Machine, Ah Yes Here We Go

I keep finding these old photos. A frozen snap shot of days long gone. I thought they may be of interest to others.

A Travelling type writer salesmen. Whats' a type writer? Only joking.

Would you think the guys at the rear of the photo near the buggy would be saying "Internal combustion, will never catch on"

Bit crowded for the Sunday service?

Obviously a great believer in the handbrake system of a vintage car, not much room for error.

You cops always pick on us young blokes

What is loaded on the Model T. And the two men with guns, would love to know?

Car park at a Football match

You know Ma, one day they will invent something to do this for ya

Now, I will have the second one in from the back, that's it

Going to an Easter service

You will see the assembly line has the cars sideways, never seen that before

Now you remember the old days, when cars were built be men, not robots.

I think there may be just about enough windows in this model

A timber road across the Californian desert.

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