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Sunday, December 2, 2012

1932. My Favourite Year Chevrolet

Every time I come accross a 32, well if I had the cash???

This latest one is one Ebay with the following description

This is for an all original 1932 Chevrolet 2 Door Sedan. Has passenger side mounted spare and original Chev. trunk with trunk holder. Wheels are spoke 19" in super condition with an extra tire and rim (6 total). There are also 2 additional 18" rims and tires that will go with it.

Interior is original brown moehair. Seats show wear and tear but not all that bad for being 80 years old. Still has original rear floor mat. All handles there and in good condition. All glass good but for a crack in the drivers door. There is a drivers sun visor also.

The windshield mechanism is good so the windshield roles up into the header for ventilation. All gauges there and in working order. The engine is rebuilt, why I do not know, but it is. Starter was also rebuilt a very short time ago also. Radiator cap is missing as someone stole it while parked at the park. Fenders will need some work as they have a few tiny dents and some kind of repair work by the front braces. Was repainted with a poor job. Has 2 jacks as in picture along with a Chev. heater and engine crank. There is also a box of spare parts (gaskets, fan, tail lenses, and other stuff.)

There are all kinds of receipts for things purchased for the car going back years. There is an original OPEN title along with a bill of sale along with all sorts of tag receipts. Also a sm. collection of antique chev. dealer cataloges. There is a knob that says free wheeling on it on the dash, but I have absolutly no idea what that is or how it works. The car is a driver. Shipping up to the buyer.

This is a no reserve auction. Thanks for the peep.--BY THE WAY, I SEE ABSOLUTLY NO RUST OR ROT ANYWHERE ON THIS CAR BODY! Let me add a little something to this. This car was passed down from the great grandfather to the grandfather to the father to the son. It was then purchased from the son by a fellow that has had it for 17 years but health forced him to sell it to me. I have driven it around the neighborhood several times, honking the ooogha horn at the neighbors. Only thing, I am used to a Model A Ford and do not know all the stuff under the hood of this car. It is way too complicated for me and would just as soon as let someone with Chevrolet knowledge have it. Other than a less than semi professional paint job, this car is as close to original as you can get. Am open to trades, but not on the short end.

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