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Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Nice 28 Chev ready to Rally

Saw this number on Ebay

Hi all, very regretfully I am advertising my 1928 chev I brought this car restored,,,,,the body is as was when I brought the car,this car is a good touring car not a show car and the body has afew paint defects on the guards and afew on the body, all in all it is a respectable looking car, mechanically,,,let's say since I brought the car there is not a nut or bolt unturned, suspension and steering new drag links fitted with new balls, new shackles pins and bushes where needed,
wheels stripped powder coated new 525 tyres new tubes, varnished spokes
Brakes relined good drums all worn holes and pins through out the mechanical brakes repaired, brake balance bars stripped and nylon bushes fitted( common problem on chev for die cast bushes to collapse causing brake failure).
New front wheel bearings
The big loss I have rebuilt the diff PROPERLY chocolate axles replaced with billet chromemoly axels( common problem) all new bearings throughout designed made and fitted custom en36 larger torque tube drive shaft (good for 300hp+)with billet drive adaptor and modern needle roller uni joint to replace the crap chev uni, new end made and tig welded to diff tube. torque tube components built up machined and o ring sealed to get an as new alignment of prop shaft also extra grease nipples fitted to grease slip joint.
Gearbox rebuilt, gears good new bushes in countershaft and new chromemoly shaft.
Flywheel bolts recessed and holden clutch plate fitted,clutch has beautiful feel to it!.
Engine,,,retains original bearings in excellent condition block bored and decked tunnel measured, new jp alloe pistons fitted also centre main bearing has been pressure fed( common problem). Has custom made oil filter housing, looks stock but takes a 5micron cartridge oil filter from a patrol diesel, drastically increase oil and engine life. Easy to change and costs 11dollars.
cylinder head has literally just been fully rebuilt with stainless valves also decked.
New plugs, new neoprene needle and seat, never leaks, engine runs smoother than any 28chev i have ever seen, countless hours spent on engine tuning.
Proper 28chev vacuum tank fitted 4screw top, brand new float fitted from usa,(common to sink and break down)
Brand new modern core radiator cost 800 bucks, also fully rebuilt water pump, brand new thermostat from usa, holden 4 blade fan (chev fan was cracked) never overheats! Has chev motormeter on radiator is original I believe.
Modern wiring kit throughout, running 12volt Bosch generator with proper voltage regulator, massive advantage over 6volts, lights are very bright, head lights I had re silvered, hi beam rivals the modern car,also has factory dimmer restored. Extra tail lights on rear for safety looks like a truck at night. AND NO the starter won't break,,,,I have made a neat small stainless steel resister under the floor and it cranks with 6volts exactly at the starter, much better than winding the motor for 12 volts then smashing the bendix handy tip :)
I have added front and rear bumper with a wooden trunk very handy on long trips.
Interior is ok, hood is in very good condition, car has curtains, recommend making some roll down curtains though.
steering box needs rebuilding or rebushing, and recommend a proper air cleaner be fitted to the engine,and a front crank seal installed 3jobs I just haven't had time for, car has just ran out of full nsw rego, still in pink slip time, I regularly use this car as my daily driver around town as it is so reliable, seems the modern car plays up so I turn to the chev having been done up PROPERLY by a mechanic owner and it always starts and runs great, the only times its broken down since the rebuild is the ground wire came loose on the dizzy, 2seconds to tighten and off we went,Haha and the battery has now died.
the car was brought for my wife in hindsight it should never have been brought, for her to drive,,well its a 1928 model car, while this car drives great, its not suitable for her and sadly we have wasted phenomenal amounts of money and time getting this car up to our high standards and sat back and realised its not for us and someone out there is going to be a lucky buyer of a thoroughly restored car that requires very little work to complete. With a respray trim and some fairly extensive guard work you would no doubt have one of the best 28s in the country, I would not hesitate to drive this car interstate as I know it is that reliable, don't wait for another shitbox to come along, as I have found out (the hardest way) "restored" cars are rarely what they are said to be. This car is genuine and restored by a thorough trades person. My loss your gain, I am going to advertise it for a great loss but what I think its worth,
Now NO DREAMERS!!!no test drives, i will gladly take you for a drive in this car. this car has cost enough time so I'm asking not to make it worse for me.
Payment or deposit required within 48hrs of auction end. Also I reserve the right to end the sale and or the auction at any time, but plz feel free to message me I will answer any questions as best as I can.! Happy bidding and get ur self a great car! Good luck
p.s, if the car sells for the advertised price, i will throw in a running chassis with spare wooden wheels engine etc, also i have a MASSIVE collection of spare parts some new some old, also all going for sale, feel free to contact for further details.

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