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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monty's First Trip to "The Big Smoke" Melbourne

Well Done Grant, another milestone for Monty.

The following is from Grants blog

To Melbourne I Went in The Chev.....


Below are some more photos of my first trip down to Melbourne in the old Chev and you could say that it was one of my goals all along with this resto, and more so this year, was to drive the car down to Melbourne and get a photo with it outside the legendary city landmark of "Luna Park" in beach side suburb of St Kilda.

It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to drive from Trafalgar to Malvern where I collected my brother Stuart and we were quickly off again to find one of his local cafe spots for a bite to eat.
After that we took the scenic trip around the suburbs and made our way over to "busy" St.Kilda and found a parking, I mean "No Parking" spot and cut loose with the camera..
"Acland Street Bakery" which is just around the corner was next on my list as I wanted to take home 3 of their "to die for" meringue's for Lisa and the kids which were a family favourite in the past but I knew parking was going to be an issue as there were people and cars everywhere but when we turned into Acland Street it was like the seas had parted as there was a vacant spot right opposite the bakery "BINGO", I whipped Monty into it, switch him off and we both walked over to the shop.
I am not bullshitting here and I kid you not but the "trendy cafe crew" had gathered around and the old Chev was getting a good few photos and videos taken of him in all his rustic patina skin.
Stu and myself just stood back across the road having a good laugh and I get rather embarrassed when I then have to walk over and jump in it as people want to take pictures, I think my brother was rather surprised with all the attention that this old car creates when you park it in the street, it all just a bit of fun..

So with the Meringues carefully packed on the back seat, we made our way over to Malvern around some lovely back streets and homes where I dropped Stu back at his home, grabbed a quick drink and then pointed the Chev in an easterly direction towards home.

I went well, no major issues with the car, only just a little sunburn on the back of the neck which I can live with but a great day was had..

City skyline in the distance


Burke Road is my turn off to my brothers


Coffee and Bakery in Glenferry Road


My destination "Luna Park"


Stuart and myself



Acland Street St. Kilda

Lovely Meringues

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