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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Aussie Chev Factory Ute - Listed as 32 - Believe its a 33

First appearances on the EBay listing don't look promising, but the more you look and what has been done already, maybe it is a good proposition, and it is a 32 Chev according to the listing, but I received some great feedback from Bruce S. DeFord and Bruce Pearce that its a 33.

Is it not as bad as it looks for the asking price of $5,000?

This is what has been done already

- Already stripped. 
- Chassis is being sandblasted. 
- Engine is not seized
- Reconditioned engine/gearbox included in the sale.
- Original wire spoke rims. Wheels on car are just to move it

This is the full eBay listing

1932 Chevrolet roadster ute
Body built by Holden 
Straight 6 Chev motor

Very very rare car. This could possibly be one of the last 1932 Holden built ute back Chev roadster. 

Chassis/engine/etc. built in America and imported to Australia then Holden built the rest. 

This is a convertible not hard top
It is a ute back not a pick up the tray is part of the body.

It has surface rust and very minor small patches of rust in sections of the gaurds. The running boards are very rusty although a easy repair. Looks worse than what it is. 

The car is currently stripped. All parts and panels are off. Chassis is being sandblasted. 
Engine is not seized however I have the same engine/gearbox setup that has been reconditioned and ready to bolt in not included in the sale. I have the original wire spoke rims. Wheels on car are just to move it

Parts required to finish it off is the bench seat, windscreen and timber floor for the ute back. 

Inspections are welcomed. 

Pick up and cash only in Sydney area. 

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