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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Original 1936 Olsmobile F Sedan

With an asking price $11,995 USD, what a buy this would be


The definition of what qualifies an older car to be called “original” is not all that clear, especially to sellers, it seems. It’s fine for an antique car to have had its wear parts replaced, but there are way too many cars called “original” that have been repainted or had their interiors redone. Every once in awhile, a car comes along that really does seem to be substantially original and cars like this one really stand out. It’s a 1936 Oldsmobile Series F-36 four door touring sedan (although the seller just calls it a 1936 Oldsmobile).



According to the seller, the car is all original except for a new wiring harness, and has only 42,000 miles showing on the clock.


The seller also says he is the documented third owner of the car, has all the original paperwork and full history of the car, which makes it all the more attractive to those of us who really like original old cars. This is really a great example of a mid-1930s American automobile.


This Olds also has had its brakes rebuilt, which is definitely a good thing.


The interior looks beautiful. But I don’t know enough about this model year to determine whether the upholstery is really original or has had some work done to the front seat – do any of our readers know for sure?


This Olds looks terrific in this gray color.


As an added bonus, this car comes with a long list of parts the owner has accumulated. It’s pretty incredible to get all these hard-to-find parts: another engine, transmission, four fenders, steering box/column/steering wheel, shocks, hubs, glass, starter, generator, muffler, fuel pump, carb, door handles, window visors, brake parts, radiator, distributor, light lenses and gauges. Wow!


The Oldsmobile F-36 series cars were powered by a 213 cubic inch six cylinder engine connected to a floor mounted three speed transmission. The base price for this car was $820.


The trunk is incredibly clean.


This touring sedan was Oldsmobile’s most popular model with 66,449 units manufactured. Given its originality and the huge stash of parts that comes with this car, I think it’s worth pretty much what the seller is asking for it. This is a car I would love to own if I only had garage space for it. Congratulations and thanks to all its owners for preserving this car for the past 80 years!

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