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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Memory from 2012 - Two 1928 Chevs Cruzin after a session in the Resto Shed

Had a great day up at Trafalgar with Grant and Monty the 1928Chev.

I was up there to give Grant a hand with a couple of things, and also for me to test out the Red Chev with a new fuel filter. Pleased to say both went well, with Monty running a lot better by the end of the day, and the Red Chev performing well over the entire 134 mile round trip, which was in addition to 54 miles yesterday.

The first job was a compression test on Monty, and confirmed the engine is in very good condition. We then disconnected the fuel line at the vac tank and gave the line a blow out just in case there was any blockages between the petrol tank and the vac tank.

The next job was to fit a vintage carter fuel filter just before the vac tank. The unit fitted up well, looks like its always been there, and we were soon on a blast down to Yaragon for our regular testing session coffee stop.

The final task was to investigate a fuel leak in the carby when the engine is turned off and the vac tank fuel tap is left open. Suspecting it was the needle and seat, we pulled them both out and I was surprised to find it was one I had never seen before. To be on the safe side we replaced it with a spare I had and this seemed to fix the problem.

It looks like the original needle and seat was not the right one and I suspect was continually flooding the system, leaking and causing a few concerns that there may have been a more serious engine problem.

Pleased to say all ended well, both car and owner were happy, and I set off back to Melbourne after a photo session. Head wind that changed to cross wind along the way made the trip home a bit dramatic, and luckily I just made it home before the heavens opened up.

Enough words, now here are a few pictures of Monty's fuel filter and the 2 Chevs posing for some photos.

The original set up with no fuel filter

Half way

All finished, ready to go

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