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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day 73 - 28 Chev Ute Restoration (1st December 2015)

Axles Axles everywhere, but are there any good ones?

Thank heaven for spares.

I was banking on the axle shafts from a 29 rear end that I picked up a few months back being very good, which until tonight I thought they were. I also thought that a set of spare disc wheel rear hubs were serviceable. Nearly came unstuck, escaped by the skin of my teeth.

The 29 axle shafts were indeed pretty good, minimal wear on the taper, key ways were passable, and all looked good, except for one thing..............One of the disc wheel hubs was more worn in the taper than the other, meaning it was going into the taper too far and the axle nut would bottom out.

I pulled out all the axle shafts collected over 42 years hoping to find one with a taper with little wear and a good key way.

With the elimination of axle by axle the situation was no looking good, and even if I found one the concern was way back then I never marked them drivers or passenger side

 I have been told by a Chev 4 guru to never use axles on the opposite side to where they have running as in use they slightly wind them selves up (twist) and using the opposite way they can snap.

I had the good passenger side axle shaft, ready to fit new bearings, the problem was the drivers side.

Down to my last 2 axles the thought was I may have to shim the hub on the 29 drivers side axle.

I am not a great fan of axle shims unless your really desperate, certainly not on a fresh resto.

Memory flash. I was sure back in the 80's I purchased a NOS axle shaft.

Unpacked cupboards, pulled out storage tubs and after bout 30 minutes found it hidden away in a spot I must have looked at 6 times.   

Problem solved as the NOS axle shaft compensated the wear on the hub taper.

All appears well, but will let you know

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