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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 80 - 28 Chev Ute Restoration (12th December 2015)

Today was a mixed bag, working on three different jobs.

First up borrowed a few hours on my mate Les Francis's lathe and machined a useable surface on the bottom of 3 steering column shafts for new bushes. One for the ute and  spare for the Red Chev.

Next up was a load out of the molasses bath, cleaned and put into storage

Focusing back on the ute resto, cleaned up a set of rear axle brake backing plates.

This picture is showing the hand brake lining retaining brackets being removed, as several of them were worn and the 29 backing plates had ones in better condition.

Continuing my theme of using the best parts available, I removed the hand brake lining stop brackets, as again the ones on the 29 backing plates were in better condition than the ute.

On this picture you can see the top 29 bracket has a lot more meat on the sides and the bottom than the 28 bracket at the bottom.

Close ups show this in more detail.

A before and after photo

I love it when the paint starts going on

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