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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reclaimed from the Scrap Heap? Part 3 - Crankshaft

This is the final installment of my project to reclaim parts from a probable rusty grave to where at some stage in the future they may once again help propel a Chev 4 down the road

In this posting its a crankshaft.

I must explain at this early stage, this crank may already be beyond reclaiming, but in these days of spray welding, and very skillful machining, who knows, it may help either me or someone else in the future. At least and if nothing else, I have halted the rusting process, and stabilised the part so it can be put into storage.

This is the last item processed from a grab bag of bits and pieces that I picked up from a deceased estate in  Castlemaine, when Grant and I were returning from the Bendigo Swap meet.

This is what it looked like

The next stage was about 3 days soaking in a tank of Rust buster.

The finished job, wire brushed and a healthy coating of WD40. I would like to think it was worth the effort, what about you?

There is a bit of pitting on the journals, but who knows?

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