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Sunday, November 6, 2011

There's more important things sometimes than just working on old cars

The following  A chance I couldn't knock back was originally posted by Grant Fowler in   I took great delight yesterday (5th November) in sharing Grant's first drive of a restored 28 Chev, a preview to what he can look forward to when Monty is on the road. In just 12 months, maybe a bit more Grant has had a enormous learning curve, and has taken what was a wreck of a 1928 Chev to what is now a running rolling chassis that only awaits a body and a bit of upholstery to be a finished car.

Grant does not need to sit behind the wheel of a 28 Chev at 45 miles per hour on the open road to inspire him to complete the tasks ahead to finish Monty, as his inspiration comes from a much greater source, as you will see if you read his blog.

But I am glad he did, and I am glad it was my 28 Chev. I am sure that I don't need to say it, but at any time in the future, when Monty may seem to be winning the battle against man, if another run down the highway is needed to stoke up the fire and passion, the Red Chev is only a call away.

A chance I couldn't knock back

After our little bit of fun yesterday and before Ray left to drive his lovely Chevrolet back to Melbourne he "through me the keys" so to speak of his 28.... "You have a drive of this", hhhmmmm this will be good I thought, my first real drive of a restored 28 and no rust, just shiny paint everywhere you looked.
All I can say is what a great experience it was cruising at a respectable 45mph out on the Princes Hwy and to Ray's credit it goes great and does everything very well just as I thought it would, steers, brakes, corners, and at 45 - 50 mph the engine is just humming along with a nice feel to it and also a nice note out the back through the tail pipe, we cruised along chatting and laughing about the day we just had.
We soon came to a holt out front of my house after the 20 mile drive and I handed the car back over to Ray who was quickly on his way back down the street again and headed for Melbourne which would be a journey of 66 miles to his house.....Cheers mate and thanks for the drive.

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