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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1927 Chev Engine Pull Down (oh that rust)

I am sure many of us have been there, but the following pictures involve a lot of work and a bit of cash to spend

The following is from an Aussie site

Took the plunge and ripped the head off the banger today.

Took off the intake, check out the head, I am lead to believe the diffusers are there to prevent pooling of fuel by providing more turbulence in the intake runner.

Have got a couple of stuck valves but with my new manual from the good Ole USA

Stripped the head today valve came apart relatively easy with some help from a can or crc.
Intake runner diffuser came out using a pair of pliers.

Check out the copper head gasket

The bores look OK at a glance, these pistons stop an inch below the head in the bores for a really,really low compression ratio, a quick look through some old car manuals I have leads me to xf falcon 6 pistons being around the right diameter but I still have to follow up on gudgeon height.

Here's the head with the stuck valves, The old gent I bought this car/engine off said he drove the car from 35kms away to where it was in his backyard and that's where it has been for about 30 years.

Found by using a pointy pair of vise grips the valve springs are soft and can be pushed down by hand and the retaining pin can be slid out sideways.

Check out the slot for retaining pin in valve shaft.

I used a wire cup brush on the grinder to clean up the head face and tapped out all of this crap from inside the water jackets in the head with the front plate(radiator outlet) removed from the head.

Shows valve spring retainer and retaining pin, retaining pin looks like a flattened cotter pin.

Ripped the box off the back of the engine tonight, Looks like many pounds are going to come off that flywheel. Head came back from being hot tanked and sat aside for the moment. The closest valves that I can find are Holden red 6 intakes and are 45 thou larger in diameter but the stems are larger so the head will have to be reamed to suit. Also have some Holden red 6 stainless intakes that are 1.65 inches and standard red six are 1.545 approx dia. Original Chev banger valves are 1.5" intake and 1.5" exhaust. I'll pop down to the head shop tomorrow and ask what they think but I'm thinking stainless intakes and red 6 standard intakes for exhaust. Red six exhaust are approx 1.45' so I'm thinking going smaller wont help with a single ex port head. Am still waiting to hear back on a local 28 two port exhaust head, Happy banging.

Well things got a little bit better today with a new purchase of a 28 Chev banger engine, no rocker assembly but the price was right so onto tear down after the 27 banger. will more than likely build up the 28 being a better engine and keep the 27 as stock and running for the Tudor later on. So if anyone has some 1925(ish) Nash six cylinder rocker gear and/or 1923 Oldsmobile 3 port exhaust cylinder head give me a yell PLEASE,cheers,Happy Banging

Finally got the engines off the floor and on stands tonight and sump removed.

From what looks like the oil pump only supplying oil to copper pipes that fill four troughs in the sump which the con rods dip into and sling the oil around the crankcase splash lubricating everything within its reach.

Got another 27 Chev cylinder head with reground valves and am a valve spring retaining clip short( the old one was only half there when I stripped the other head down).

Here's the 89 Subaru electronic dissy

then some machining

then going back together and now waiting on the new drive gear to arrive,cheers

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