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Friday, July 13, 2012

1940′s Barn Find

The following is from

1940s American Barn Find Backs Of Three Cars

Here is a great find for anyone looking for a ’30s or ’40s classic American car. There are at least seven cars parked in this barn and range in make from Oldsmobiles to Pontiacs.

The seller says that everything is for sale, so if you’re looking for a car or a couple cars this might be the place to go. This barn find can be found in the Pleasanton, CA area.

1941 Dodge Luxury Liner Rear

Some of these cars are unrestored and some are part way through restorations. This 1941 Dodge Luxury Liner 2 door is part way through a total restoration, but everything is still with the car and includes a very nice Mopar V8.

All the major work has already been done on this car and it just needs a paint job and to be put back together, the seller is asking $3,500 for the car and all the parts for it.

1947 Pontiax Streamliner Front Corner

This 1947 Pontiac Streamliner is completely original and waiting to be restored or left as is and driven.

The interior is original and solid, but the trunk is shot and the engine doesn’t run. The seller has a rebuilt straight-8 with a rebuilt Hydromatic transmission that’s included with the car, as well as the original drivetrain.

The seller is asking $6,500 for this Pontiac, but we would see if they would take less for it.

1937 Dodge D5 Front Corner

The seller is also offering this 1937 Dodge D5 that’s in good condition and currently driveable. It is however, missing some interior pieces.

The door panels and seats have already been reupholstered, but the headliner and carpets are missing.

The seller is offering this car for $7,500 or best offer, so if you’re looking for a solid D5 as a driver or a project make an offer.

1940 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Front Corner

Of the seller’s cars, this is the one we are the most excited about. It’s a 1940 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight with 17,000 original miles on its big straight-8.

The body is clean and the patina is fantastic, but we wish it still had its original bumpers, hub caps, and skirts.

The car’s dash is the focal point of the car’s interior and the wood grain finish looks perfect, the clock and radio still both work.

The seller is asking $8,500 or best offer, but we think this price might be wishful thinking on the seller’s part.

1940s American Barn Find Four Cars 0

We hope that all of these cars find their ways back onto the road in the near future. But we fear the seller might be asking a bit too much for some of these cars.

Hopefully they will be willing to negotiate on prices, as these cars really should be on the road where everyone can enjoy them.

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