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Friday, July 13, 2012

Mystery Racer: 1951 Allard J2

Can you believe this car , or whats left of this car sold for  $60,000

The following is from

1951 Allard J2 Project Frame

This may just look like some rusty old frame, but that old frame actually belonged to a very special car. It was once the backbone for a fire breathing 1951 Allard J2.

These car were hot rods in their day and this one was presumably SCCA raced until a fire left it in this sorry state. The seller has found a few hints of its past, but is now using eBay to try to collect more details or possibly sell it.

They are asking $65,000 for what is left of the car.

1951 Allard J2 Independent Suspension

It is hard to learn much about a car’s history if all you have is the frame, but the seller has uncovered a few tips. They believe that the car was originally red and that it was later repainted green.

They also found the remnants of an old SCCA sticker on an interior panel which led them to assume that it had been raced. It was discovered in the mid 1970′s on the east coast and they believe that it lost its body to a fire at some point.

There is not much left here, but you can make out Allard’s unique independent suspension design and a few other little details that do confirm that this is indeed an Allard.

1951 Allard J2 Project Frame Front

This old racer is going to need a drive train, interior, exterior panels, and just about everything else. There are a few shops that have the resources to take on a project like this, but it is going to cost you.

Would it be worth it though? Well, they want $65k for the frame and the restoration cost will be substantially more.

These beasts can sell for anywhere from $150k to $300k. So if you think you can get the job done for less than $100k then you could actually be above water even after dropping so much on the chassis.

If there is any significant race history here, this car could even be worth substantially more.

Allard J2

Here is what you will end up with. A brute of a roadster ready to dominate at any vintage race event. It is hard to believe that the shabby frame above was onced attached to a body that looked like this.

The Allard Register has a little more information about these machines and why they were so great. If the aforementioned project looks to complicated for you, maybe a new J2 MKII would be more to your liking.

It would require less elbow grease, but it would never have the history of an original Allard.

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