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Thursday, October 27, 2011

2011 - 27th October - Head Studs for the future

My good friend Kevin from NSW made me up a set of head studs for the Red Chev. As any one with a Chev 4 knows, its a bugger changing head gaskets and refitting the head as you have no exact locating points to drop the head in the right position the first time.

The only way to overcome this previously was to cut the top of a few head bolts and use them as locating pins or buy a few big bolts and do the same.

The benefit of these studs is they have the normal thread on the block side, and a finer thread on the other end. This combined with modern steel enables you to torque the head tighter (if you wish) without the possibility of snapping old bolts.

These will be put into storage for next time the head comes off, which hopefully will not be for a while.

What they look like is

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